Are you thinking of taking on a house renovation, remodeling or rebuilding project? The VERBOUWINGSREGELAAR  is the right trusted expert in the process of creating your dream house. From ideas to a plan of action and coordination of the actual construction works.

With the VERBOUWINGSREGELAAR you can count down the stress-free days of the renovation until the keys are handed over to you.

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The VERBOUWINGSREGELAAR uses 4 steps approach:


Ideas/ wishes are processed in a budget framework. A distinction is made between main issues and side issues. If necessary, an architect is contracted; otherwise the VERBOUWINGSREGELAAR offers a basic 3D design.


The permits have been pulled (if necessary we also help with acquisition of a renovation loan). Quotations are collected and compared (checked and discussed in details), and professionals for renovation works have been selected.  A plan has been drawn up (who does what, where, when) and choices are made about the materials to be used.


During the renovation there are regular checks on whether everything has been done as to the agreement. The quality of the already carried out work and the use of materials are monitored. You are regularly updated about the progress.


The result is checked together with you and any shortages are mapped. A report is made so that the contractor can do desired adjustments before the project is finally delivered.


We are a knowledge-driven renovation management organization that pushes itself to the limit to achieve the client’s desired result. With more than 10 years’ experience in planning, the VERBOUWINGSREGLAAR takes over all the communication, administration and management regarding the renovation project. We think constantly along with you and make adjustments where necessary. We are involved and act as the point of contact for you during the whole renovation process.

We aspire inspiring perfection.

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